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The latest in our series of reproductions of the past - The Low Back Floating Sofa is a modern-day modernist's dream piece. Styles such as the floating sofa are built with a low profile and float elegantly upon airy legs, giving the room an airy light structural feel, perfect for showcasing a rug. Much like a perfectly tailored suit, the Low Back Floating Sofa is certain to set the perfect crisp tone to any room or office and make it look super sharp with it’s understated elegance.

The floating sofa is based on the designs of Adrian Pearsall a prominent furniture designer during the mid-century 'Atomic Age'. Adrian Pearsall is credited with the creation of the long and low gondola-style sofas such as our Floating Sofa. He is also known for his free-form walnut and glass tables, and a little-known fact the popularization of the ubiquitous beanbag chair.

Firmer cushions equal better quality. It will take a little longer to break into but they will adjust to the contour of your body providing a heightened level of comfort. Unsurpassed comfort is calling. We suggest you pick up the phone. Constructed by hand, the simple, solid frame is of the highest quality. Contemporary or retro, this sofa will fit beautifully with your décor.


Overall Dimension:                                         96"W x 33"D x 34"H

Armrest (without armrest cushion):                 4"W x 33"D x 20"H

Armrest (with armrest cushion):                      4"W x 33"D x 26"H

Seating:                                                         88"W x 22"D x 18"H